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The EFA-SST® TK-100 high-speed spiral door is the first true single-door solution for freezer areas. In addition to the highest opening and closing speeds, it achieves the best insulation values for spiral doors and thus represents a high-quality solution for every deep-freeze room.

EFA-SST® TK-100 at a glance:

  • Optimal deep-freeze single door solution

  • EFAFLEX High speed door technology

  • Frames and laths thermally separated

  • Almost hermetically sealed.

  • Opening up to 2,0 m/s

  • Closing up to 0.5 m/s

  • Highest U value 0,62 W / m2K

  • Up to 200,000 operating cycles p.a.

  • Standard sizes of up to w=4,000 mm, h=6,000 mm, max. 18 m²

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