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High Speed Economic Interior Roll Up Door LUCID A120

Doors in areas with dense personnel and forklift traffic usually have high maintenance costs due to the high number of opening cycles. LUCID A120 fabric / PVC door is an economic alternative for high maintenance traffic doors in areas with low to moderate traffic.

The durable components of A120 are designed to withstand impacts which may occur during everyday operation. The A120 also features an optional anti-crash system which allows the door to be easily reset in case of a collision.

LUCID A120 at a glance:

  • As standard, manual operation is achieved by a shorthand crank.

  • Chain release is offered as an option.

  • Spiral case housing and drive cover are also optional add-ons.

  • The strip model is made of 2 mm thick clear PVC reinforced by vertical strips of colored fabric.

  • LUCID A120 comes with two alternative curtain types; Full curtain, Strip model.

  • The A120 features two alternatives for bottom sections: rigid and flexible.

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