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High Speed Interior Door With Aluminum Structure LUCIDDOOR - A180

High speed doors are prone to collisions with forklifts which may cause damages. The A180 features an optional anti-crash system which minimizes the damage sustained and prevents the door from failing in the event of a collision.

LUCID A120 at a glance:

  • LUCID A180 is an excellent choice for areas with heavy personnel or forklift traffic. 

  • The aluminum intermediate sections between modules of fabric give the door leaf extra strength and prevent the door leaf to get deformed under positive or negative pressure.

  • The A180 offers two alternative bottom sections: rigid (aluminum) and flexible.

  • This way, in case of any damage to a part of the curtain, the damaged section can easily be replaced without the need to replace the full curtain.

Luciddoor A180 High speed door - Yüksek hızlı kapı
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