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Fold-up Doors

The Fold-up Door has been redesigned and developed to meet the needs of architects and industrial door users. The door complies with the highest European standards for quality and safety and is unique for its smooth and quiet operation as well as its low maintenance.    The folding door has been designed to suit every purpose. There is a folding door for every building and budget.

Fold-up Doors at a glance:

  • Lightweight aluminum sandwich shaped panels are stucco designed and the hinges are made of stainless steel.

  • The robust door frame is self-supporting and has non-corrosive rollers and rails to withstand high weights. 

  • The patented folding system requires very little energy. Together with the side rails, a long service life is guaranteed.

  • The folding system leaves more free space inside the warehouse.

  • The unique guide system minimizes stress on moving parts. There are no counterbalancing springs or weights that may require adjustment or regular maintenance.

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