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707 Steel Sandwich Sectional Door

Our 707 sectional doors lead the market in terms of material, hardware and function. They consist of double-walled steel plate elements with a CFC-free foamed polyurethane rigid foam body. The thickness of the sections and thus the entire door leaf is 45 mm, which provides superior thermal insulation and sound protection qualities. These properties are supported by special, temperature-resistant EPDM rubber seals that block wind and moisture.

707 at a glance:

  • Particularly large doors or doors subject to extreme stress have additional special reinforcement profiles mounted on the inside.

  • The standard height of the sections is 500 or 625 mm.

  • They are connected to each other with stainless steel hinges. This guarantees safety and durability.

  • The floor section can be installed separately on sloping entrances.

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