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909 Aluminium Framed Sectional Door

Transparency with a light appearance, but maximum rigidity. In addition to their purely functional aspects, our 909 Aluminum Sectional Doors also meet the highest demands in terms of aesthetics and design. Whether for production or storage halls, remote garages or car washes, the framed structure made of extruded aluminum profiles with screw connections supports the individual character of any building architecture.

909 at a glance:

  • The door leaf can be arranged according to your specifications, either evenly as separate windows and sections or differently to match the rest of the façade.

  • The profile depth is 45 mm and the infills are 16 or 25 mm thick.

  • In the standard version, the 909 sectional door is equipped with aluminum stucco plates or transparent plastic panels.

  • The frame stepped structure is anodized in E6/EV1 color tone.

  • Almost all colors similar to the RAL Dalette series are available.

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