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Doors in cooled spaces must withstand extremely high loads. Top quality and perfect workmanship are paramount for ensuring that all components are absolutely resistant to cold and humidity. EFA-SST® ISO-60 is the ideal closing door for frequent openings with high requirements for insulation, as is the case in cooling rooms, for example.

The EFA-SST® ISO-60 combines two EFAFLEX door technologies into one innovative solution: the spiral and highly insulating laths. In addition, high-quality seals prevent air and temperature exchange. The combination of these components makes the EFA-SST® ISO-60 an excellently insulated door.

  • Max. heat insulation with EFA-THERM® laths

  • k-value up to 0.8 W/m2 K

  • 60 mm thick door leaf

  • Opening up to 2.5 m/s

  • Closing up to 1.0 m/s

  • Up to 250,000 operating cycles p.a.

  • Standard sizes up to w=6,000 mm, h=6,000 mm


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