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Kapi Sistemleri CR Series

Today, production in controlled environments is a necessity for many companies. The definition of an increasing number of regulations and standards creates the need for reliable specialized doors for cleanroom applications in branches such as pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnological, aerospace, electronics, automotive and certain engineering industries. The right door is one of the most important components in a cleanroom! In harsh conditions, first-class quality shows itself even more quickly: With the CR Series, our engineers have developed and perfectly adapted special doors for controlled production areas.


Special doors for clean rooms


Kapi Sistemleri CR Series special doors are fully compliant with the requirements of cleanrooms. EFA-CR ensures sealing in all entrance ways. These high-performance high-speed doors have a smooth surface structure and no protruding ends. This makes them easy to clean and deposits are easily disposed of. CR Series door models are mainly made of V2A stainless steel and comply with international standards and guidelines for cleanroom applications:


-EN 14644

-FED STD 209

-VDI 2083


More special benefits


CR Series doors save energy, soundproof and significantly reduce draughts. In addition, Kapi Sistemleri cleanroom doors offer you a complete, unique set of advantages: For example, incomparable opening and closing speed, excellent quality and enormous durability.

The right solution for every situation Let us help you choose the best cleanroom door for your needs.


The EFA-CR is available in different arrangements: roller door, spiral door, sliding door or vertical opening door. The EFA-CR is also optimally suited for special applications such as effective airtight rooms and conveyor belt systems. Your Kapi Sistemleri representative will inform you about all possible options and advise you on the spot.


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