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Luciddoor H1000

H1000 at a glance:

Luciddoor Hangar Door
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  • To reduce building structure cost,

  • To help energy savings,

  • To create safety environments,

  • To minimize maintenance costs.

Luciddoor's vast experience in manufacturing hangar doors has proven that our vertical folding doors are the best solution in large-scale door locations. Lucid H1000 is our most essential product in this category. It covers large openings, it is extremely reliable and has minimal service requirements. While being lightweight in structure, it provides excellent thermal and sound insulation and is durable. Not your standard door, it’s a door with standards. All our vertical folding doors are complying with applicable standards. We tailor your Lucid H1000 according to your specific needs and requirements so you can enjoy standardised quality while getting exactly what you need. In very large openings such as hangar door openings, width and height are not limited thanks to Luciddoor's mullion solution. You get as much as you ask for. Nature isn’t always your friend. Due to its resiliency and durability, Lucid H1000 is the door to be used in harsh environments where the requirements are demanding. Luciddoor engineers design each door by fulfilling special customer demands and calculating the desired wind load.


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