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Luciddoor H200

H300 at a glance:

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  • Aluminium structure, light and strong,

  • Reliable operation and robust design,

  • Suitable for tough environment,

  • By using mullion configuration give chance to, architects flexible design chance,

  • Low maintenance cost.

Lucid H200/300 hangar door is designed for medium size hangar and shipyard door. Lucid H200/300 doors are not only resistant to wind, salt and temperature changes, but also protect against sand, dust, mold and rot. There are no width limits to the size and configuration of the Lucid H200/300 hangar door. If there is one width door limit for Lucid H200/300, lucid engineers use their mullion system and divide door with possible Lucid H200/300 width. User open each door separately or all together in multiple door configurations. The use of Lucid H200/300 with mullion system supply budget advantage and cost savings in construction. Lucid fabric hangar door Lucid H200/300 has some big advantages against sliding hangar doors. Because of there is no track on ground, snow, ice, sand, dust is not affecting the Lucid hangar door operation.


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