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Cleanroom High Speed Doors LUCIDDOOR - CR100

Kapı Sistemleri lifting ramps, thanks to the ATX and AQX models, is able to reach great heights without extreme footprint space. All of Kapı Sistemleri scissor system- lifting ramps are realized in the full respect of the existing legislation in the field of safety (current Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and following supplements and changings).

As for the potential application fields, the scissor system-lifting tables could be used:

  • in housing sector

  • to carry cars from a floor to an other or to access to basement floor without descent ramp

  • as lift, as a replacement for the traditional lifting systems, to avoid footprint in the upper part

  • to overcome architectural barriers, especially when the gap is more than 2.000 mm

LUCID CR100 at a glance:

  • The air circulation in clean rooms is critical since dust and airborne debris may result in damage or contamination to the manufacturing process of certain products.

  • The doors which separate clean rooms and regular ambient conditions are therefore expected to open and close fast in order to minimize the risk of airborne contamination. 

  • The Luciddoor CR100 was designed specifically to address the requirements of clean room applications.

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