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ECCLOS-S at a glance:

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The sheet metal damper is characterised by its robust sandwich construction with sheet metal casing on all sides. It is suitable for interrupted and continuous conveyor systems such as belt, roller and suspension chain conveyors. Segmented damper elements enable smooth conveyance to the installation site. Variable fixed panels provide for easy implementation of customer-specific solutions.

Fire protection shutdown as part of rail-mounted conveyor systems

European Technical Assessment - ETA (EU) | Certificate of Constancy of Performance (UK)

From left to right | right to left | top down

EI₁ 120

C5 number of closing cycles 200,000 | Classified according to DIN EN 13501-2

Electromotor (standard) | manual

  • Type


  • Proof of availability


  • Closing direction

  • fire resistance

  • Closing cycles


  • reopening


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