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New Idra

New Idra at a glance:

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A New Idra stainless steel fire door that guarantees a noise reduction of 38 dB. The standard version is supplied with fire-resistant lock, patent insert complete with keys and two accident-prevention handles. 

  • The frame structure is rigid with ties. Frame and leaf are coplanar.

  • Standard leaves and frames are zinc-coated and come in light ivory finishing.

  • RAL exterior or stainless steel finishings are available upon request.

  • It comes with a standard self-closure system.

  • A reinforcement is always fitted inside the leaves, on the push side and in the pull side, in order to improve the door structure in case a panic exit bar is fitted or retro-fitted.

  • The hinges provided allow to perform a set-up of the door to compensate wall and installation imperfections.


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