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Cold Storage Doors I140 LUCIDDOOR

The storage and handling of frozen foods require meticulous care and a considerable amount of energy to maintain the cold chain. LUCID I Series thermally insulated high-speed doors help reduce heat dissipation and preserve energy.

LUCID I140 at a glance:

  • The thermally insulated curtain on LUCID I140 creates a strong insulation level between spaces of diverse ambient temperatures, thus minimizing condensation and frost.
    The freezer model I140f features heated guide rails and bottom section.

  • The I140 features a curtain tensioning system and steel springs inside the door curtain in order to keep the door curtain stretched at all times. 

  • In case of an emergency, the I140 can be released manually using a spring balance system which is offered as standard feature.

Luciddoor I140 Isolated freezer  chiller doors
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