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Side Folding Doors

Together with us, the customer determines how our folding doors will fold in the future. Because the customer's needs are our mission. Regardless of whether the opening scheme is 2 + 2, 2 + 1, 3 + 0, 1 + 4, 2 + 4, 2 + 4, 2 + 0, 4 + 0, 4 + 4 - how many folding elements will open in one or the other direction is entirely up to you.

Our folding doors are low-maintenance, up to 10 m wide, 8 m high and freely interchangeable in terms of the number of wings. The appearance can be designed in many variants (sandwich sheet panels, safety insulating glass (continuous glazing without horizontal bars up to a height of 5 m), expanded metal, Corten steel, larch, galvanized perforated sheet, aluminum ventilation slats, etc.) and the connections must be applied individually.

Side Folding Doors at a glance:

  • Sash door or sash-integrated door possible

  • Possible motorization: 1 wing, 2 wings or 4 wings on each side

  • The maximum recommended number of wings per side is 4 wings

  • Fast opening hours

  • Very successful door sealing (see test results IFT Rosenheim)

  • A wide range of variants with side connection

  • Low space requirement for the upper guide rail

  • Mechanically very simple design = few wear parts

  • A floor rail is not mandatory, but always recommended for better sealing

  • Since the main load is on the stock parts, a solid connection of the side parts is required

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