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Ramp with Telescopic Lip

Loading ramps ideal for vans: electro-hydraulic ramp with telescopic lip, robust and durable, allows the loading-unloading of vehicles in a safe and rapid way. Pit height must be 550 mm. Assembly with simple accessories in a traditional pit. Windproof head zip, with continuous connection.

Ramp with Telescopic Lip at a glance:

  • Maximum 12.5% connection slope (non-slip slope) according to EN 1398. Door Systems recommends a slope limit of 8% for forklifts and 4% for electric pallet trucks.

  • Maximum lift from dock level: approx. 400 mm

  • Maximum lowering from dock level: approx. 350 mm

  • Bending, 3% compliance with the inclination of the platforms according to EN 1398, following the lateral inclination of the vehicles.

teleskopik dilli rampa
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