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Dock Houses

Dock Houses at a glance:

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Differences between truck bed height and dock house level can be connected with a maximum inclination of 12.5% ​​as per EN 1398 (anti-slip inclination). For ramps with radius lip, Kapi Sistemleri suggests a limit of 8% maximum lifting when above the dock level and approximately 640 mm of maximum lowering. If the ramp is below quay level, Kapi Sistemleri suggests a limit of about 300 mm maximum lifting and about 400 mm maximum lowering; below quay level. Torsion, 3% adaptation to platform inclination as per EN 1398, to follow the lateral inclination of vehicles

  • The Dock House is always placed outside an opening, creating an additional complete loading bay to the loading bay.

  • Its structure is bolted to an accessory that is welded to the profile fixed to the external wall of the quay.

  • The Dock House is complete with two front legs, adjustable either for height from 800 to 1270 mm or for height from 1271 to 1500 mm.

  • It’s made by sendzimir galvanized metal profiles that can be assembled and bolted on site thus reducing transport volumes and transport costs.


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