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Pillow Sealants

Pillow Sealants at a glance:

The pillow sealer is highly insulating, seals the rear of the van against the building; it also closes the cavities between open vehicle doors and vehicle walls.

It is suitable for cold storing areas limiting heat loss. It blocks adverse weather and flows of air that may be harmful to the operators.

  • The sealant is made by two vertical cushions of elastic polyurethane foam, covered with PVC coated “Trevira” fabric, complete with overlapping scaled flaps that protect the sealant from the vertical movements of the vehicle under load.

  • Its top horizontal cushion can be fixed or vertically movable allowing its adjustment to the different heights of the vans.

  • The vehicle rolls back with its doors open till when it touches and pushes against the three cushions, sealing the three sides of the van against the three cushions.

  • This type of sealant also seals the gaps between the open doors and the sides of the vehicle.


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