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Model GRR 50

The 8 mm galvanised round steel bar core, covered with aluminium tubes and connected with durable aluminium lamellas, create the distinctive appearance of the GRR 50. This model is also available in stainless steel on request. With the GRR 50, you can have a maximum width of up to 20 meters.

GRR 50 at a glance:

  • Luciddoor-Günther automatic spiral grill is equipped with a special, very robust electric drive unit.

  • This long-life electric drive unit is equipped with a worm gear, motor brake, limit switch unit and emergency crank handle.

  • The corrosion-protected tube shaft is also customised according to DIN 18 073, depending on the size of the door.

  • When opening the door, it is rolled up on the tube shaft with low wear. The tube shaft is attached with maintenance-free self-aligning ball bearings.

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