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Mowatec Stacking Glass Walls

Thanks to the transparency of the glass, it can be used at the entrances of banks, stores and shopping malls, adding value to your space as the inside can still be seen even when the system is off. While frameless glass can be used to increase visuality, there is also a framed option, especially in places where heat insulation and security need to be increased.

Stacking Glass Walls at a glance:

  • The metal frame can be painted in the desired RAL color.

  • When a single system is insufficient in terms of its width, multi systems having mullion can be used for wide openings. These systems meet all the requirements of the customers. The possibility of hiding side profiles, mullions,, motor and storage unit makes the system unique.

  • The solution offered by stacking glass walls are innovative. Silent and easy operation and high durability increase the costumer satisfaction.

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