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Mowatec Operable Partition Systems

With Mowatec movable partition panels, large spaces are divided, giving the opportunity to organize more than one organization at the same time. In this way, it directly affects the profitability of the business and also helps save lighting and ventilation energy. They are used in hotels, congresses, offices, shopping malls, banks, conferences, ballrooms and sports halls.

Operable Partition System at a glance:

  • The panels of the Mowatec systems are carried by the help of special trolleys inserted in tracks on the ceiling. Fixing of the tracks directly to existing load- bearing ceiling or ceiling parts is also possible. No additional tracks or guides are needed on the floor.

  • After taking the panels out of the parking area and placing them to the desired position, by turning the handle which is to be inserted into the slot at one side of the panel, top and bottom horizontal insulation profiles are operated until the element is fixed.

  • When the handle is turned counter clock-wise, the horizontal insulation profiles are released. By exerting a small amount of force, the panels are moved to the parking position and the operable partition wall is open.

Türkiyenin en yüksek hareketli bölme panelleri; Avrasya Gösteri ve Sanat Merkezi Yenikapı - Mowatec
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