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XXL Sectional Doors

Each of these doors weights almost two tonnes and is constructed from steel sandwich panels. The floor section alone has an inherent weight of 270 kg. They feature strong sandwich panels with special reinforcements. The stability of the overall construction and the resistance of the doors to wind pressure were the real challenges. Our engineer solved this problem by reinforcing the steel sandwich panels in comparison to the standard construction.

XXL at a glance:

  • Door area 100 m2.

  • Width 12,5 meters.

  • Height: 8 meters.

  • Special reinforcement profiles were added to the inner sides of the panels so that they can meet the wind force requirements.

  • The panels have a 45 mm thick, CFC-free, pentane-foamed rigid foam core with pentane foam, providing a 15 higher insulation value compared to standard foamed panels.

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